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    1. What services we have?

    You can get all the services introduction from our home page banner “Service”.

    Customize the service package in the home page”Subscribe” if you are interested in. Feel free to contact us directly, our sales staff would provide the most suitable service category for you.

    2. Want to be Paid Member?

    Firstly: Choose the service you like, customize by yourself or contact our sales staff to help you customize.

    Secondly: Our sales staff will contact you. According to your service category, pricing, mail service agreement etc, you can send it back to us of by e-mail, fax or complete it by yourself on website

    Thirdly: After receipt of your filled application form, we will register in our website for you, and send you an electronic return receipt

    Fourthly: Payment is due upon electronic mail notification, Cheques or remittance should be payable to the following address:

    Fifthly: Once receipt of bank payment notification, we will open the pay-member user account and password for you within 24 hours. For off-line services, we will start business according to contract agreement and the appointed time.

    Finally: Our professional customer service will contact you regularly, to get your suggestions、needs and feedback to improve our service.

    3. Who Will Benefit From Our Services?

    Supplier, Tendering Agency, Buyer, Trading Company;

    Project Proprietor, Designer, Consulting Firm, Investor;

    New Entrant Incumbent Player Wishing to Expand Their Market In China

    Our services aims to enable our clients to participate in the huge Chinese market and achieve their business goals in China, help new entrants to launch their business in China and quickly adapt to the local custom and commercial environment.

    4. What is project information?

    Each project information includes construction timetable, project description, estimated costs and the contact detail of important roles, and is followed up from early planning stage to design, tender and construction stage.

    5. How are we different?

    We are not only an information provider but also a sophisticated facilitator. We strive to make our service not end at the preliminary stage of providing with you only tender information. We are making effort to provide with you assistance at every stage in the process of bidding in China and now updating our services through adding some new offline services.

    • We have strong government support from the State Development and Reform Commission, which the other bidding websites can never compete with us.

    • We enjoy privileges granted by No.4 Decree issued by Chinese government underlining that we are the only network media to publish tender notices in China and that all the tender information and project information must be published on our website at the first time after being approved.

    • Our information source comes from the State Development and Reform Commission. Therefore, the information provided on our website is first-hand, accurate and in time.

    • We provide not only leading information but also value-added services. Our services are full of modernization, diversification, multidimension.

    • Our corporation serves as tender agent for many influential projects, which facilitates our business and services and makes us more professional in tendering and bidding field.

    6. Free services or discount now?

    1. After registering on our website, you could check the tender information which is released 8-20 days before,

    2. You will get free supplier recommendation service.

    3. Register now, you can get Chinese research report s with preferential price

    4. By providing the keywords of your equipment or industry, we will email the latest Chinese tendering project information to you.

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