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    new intercity railway contact line capital airport to langfang east project

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    • 2017-06-28 00:00:00.0
    • China

    Progress stage: Project Approval

    Construction period: September 2017 - June 2018

    Major equipment: Railway electrical equipment, power supply equipment, signal equipment, communication equipment, electric vehicle, dispatching and commanding system, lightning protection earthing, train automatic control system, geographic information system, railway maintenance equipment, ticket sale and reservation system, passenger broadcasting system, ticket room and hou che quartz clock, inspection well, passengers carry goods safety inspection instrument (small), diesel generators, cranes, pressure vessels, cleaning vehicle bridge bearings, round steel, threaded steels, water reducer, fly ash, anchor, steel, cement, steel stranded wire, bridge bearing , bridge expansion joint, bridge deck waterproof material, turnout, concrete sleeper, emulsified asphalt, ballastless track sliding layer material, rail buckle fittings, tunnel waterproofing board, Water stop belt, safety helmet, concrete pole, catenary concrete prop, catenary steel pillar, high voltage cable, communication cable, communication optical cable, signal cable, integrated grounding cable, steel core aluminum stranded wire, catenary conductor, bearing Liso, equipment catenary operation vehicle, etc. (for reference only)

    Project Description:
    Project is located in Beijing Shunyi District Capital Airport to Langfang East, the project for a new 72,000-metre-length intercity railway liaison line.

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