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    installation of tubewell and machinery, construction of pump chamber and ohsr. laying of distribution pipeline etc. at village junewal, block ludhiana ii, district ludhiana

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    Contract Award

    Project: P150520-IN Punjab Rural Water and Sanitation SectorImprovement Project
    Loan/Credit/TF Info: IBRD-84870
    Bid/Contract Reference No:DWSS-W-DIV37-3269-1
    Procurement Met hod: RFB-Request for Bids
    Scope of Contract: Installation of Tubewell and machinery, Con struction of Pump Chamber and OHSR. Laying of distributionpipeline etc. at Village Junewal, Block Ludhiana II, District Ludhiana.
    Notice Version No: 1

    Contract Signature Date
    (YYYY/ MM/DD)
    Duration of Contract

    6 Month(s)
    Awarded Bidder(s):
    Malerkotla Road, Nabha, Punjab
    Country: India


    Bid Price at Opening
    INR 4, 450, 603.04

    Evaluated Bid Price
    INR4, 450, 603.04

    Signed Contract price
    INR4, 450, 603.04

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