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    • 2017-07-15

    Assignment Description
    Regional Lead - Crop Receipts- Kyiv, Ukraine
    Locations: Lutsk, Lviv, Uzhhorod, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Rivne, Zhytomyr, Odesa, Kirovohrad, Zaporizhzhia, Dnipro, Chernihiv, Donetsk (Ukraine controlled part) and Luhansk (Ukraine controlled part).
    International Finance Corporation (IFC, member of the World Bank Group) is implementing a Crop Receipts project in Ukraine with the aim to introduce into the market crop receipts as an innovative financial instrument. With this financial tool IFC expects to increase access to inputs and finance for small and medium agricultural enterprises. Key market stakeholders expect that crop receipts will provide increased access to finance for the agriculture sector. The Project is seeking oblast representatives/trainers as short term consultants, to conduct duties related to the expansion of the Crop Receipts Project to all areas of Ukraine.

    Scope of work:
    Build relationships with local governments, extension services, farmers associations and other related institutions involved in organization of project seminars;
    Organize, invite and train farmers, creditors, notaries, enforcement officers and act as lecturers/speakers at the seminars/training;
    Provide training, coaching, and consultations primarily to private sector farmer community and other stakeholders as needed;
    Engage with crop receipts practitioners: to solicit their ideas, to assure that the training is relevant and useful; to insure a fully participatory process; to follow up training with mentoring and coaching as required; and to measure the impact of training activities on the overall performance of the insurance program and the clients being served;
    Write and update training manuals for private sector players such as farmers, agricultural SMEs and holdings in Ukrainian in coordination with Crop Receipts and Agri-Finance team members, including training materials (handouts, PowerPoints, course evaluations);
    Contribute to the preparation of materials (leaflets, handouts, power points, course evaluations/questionnaires);
    Assist the Project Manager and the team in any other duties as required.
    An advanced degree in business, agriculture, or finance from a reputable university;
    At least 5 years of experience in providing training to farmers;
    Understanding of the agriculture and financial sector, its legal framework and major stakeholders; knowledge of local agricultural producers is an advantage;
    Established contacts with local administrations, extension services, farmers associations;
    Excellent training, coaching, and presentation skills,
    Excellent written and spoken Ukrainian, Russian language, preferably some command of English;
    Ukraine regional based;
    Advanced user of office software and knowledge of desktop publishing software;
    Able to work in a team, well-organized, confident and energetic.
    Deliverables and their timeframes:
    5. The Consultant will agree with the Program Manager to a series of tasks to be conducted and reviewed, prepared, etc. each week.
    6. Additional tasks will be assigned with agreement of the number of days, deadlines, and quality requirements.

    Each deliverable shall be submitted to the Project and will be approved respectively by the Program Manager of Agri-Financial Services if following requirements are met:
    The requested content as described by management with task descriptions for each deliverable;
    The Deliverable must be submitted on time, per the timeframes agreed with the Manager;
    All written deliverables must be precise, technically correct, and free of grammatical and mistyping errors;
    All written deliverables shall be submitted in electronic versions submitted by e-mail or on flash card. Electronic versions must be editable.

    The Consultant will work offsite and onsite as per a mutually agreed work plan.
    Start of the contract period: September 1, 2017; End of the period: June 30, 2018.
    The contract may be reviewed annually subject to work requirements

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